What are the Disadvantages of Too Much Lime in Soil?


Using lime in soil is a common practice for maintaining the optimal pH level and promoting healthy plant growth. However, when applied in excess, lime can have unintended consequences for your soil and plants. Understanding the potential disadvantages of over-liming your soil is crucial to avoid long-term damage to your garden. One of the main … Read more

Benefits of Adding Lime to Soil: Improve Soil Health and More


If you want to improve your plants’ health and yield, you may want to consider applying lime to your soil. Lime is a natural soil amendment that can have numerous benefits for your garden, including improving soil structure, increasing nutrient availability, and preventing certain plant diseases. One of the main benefits of applying lime to … Read more

Is Lime Harmful to Soil? The Truth You Need to Know


When it comes to gardening, one of the most important factors to consider is soil health. Soil acidity is a common problem that can affect plant growth and yield. Lime is a commonly used soil amendment that can help to neutralise soil acidity and improve soil health. However, there is some debate about whether lime … Read more