Why is My Lime Mortar Turning White? (How to Fix it)


Have you ever noticed your lime mortar turning white after application? This common phenomenon can cause quite a bit of concern for property owners and builders alike. The primary reason lime mortar turns white is when it dries too quickly, interfering with the important curing process. In this article, we’ll delve into the causes of … Read more

What Type of Lime is Best to Use for Brickwork?


Choosing the right lime for your brickwork is vital for the longevity and appearance of your structure. Lime offers a breathable and flexible option in comparison to cement. This makes it an ideal choice for traditional and historic buildings. In this article, we will guide you through the process of selecting the best lime for … Read more

Why Lime Mortar Crumbles: Understanding the Causes


You’re not alone if you’re wondering why your lime mortar is crumbling. Failing or crumbling lime mortar is a common problem caused by several factors. Understanding the reasons behind the crumbling can help you take the necessary steps to prevent it from happening in the future. One of the main reasons lime mortar crumbles is … Read more

Adding Water to Lime Mortars: Is it Necessary?


Lime mortar has been used for centuries in construction, and it remains a popular choice today for its durability, flexibility, and breathability. However, many people wonder whether they need to add water to lime mortars. The type of lime you use for your project directly determines whether you should add water. Hydraulic limes, for example, … Read more

The Reason Lime Mortars Are Expensive (The Hidden Costs)


Lime mortar is a traditional building material that has been used for centuries in construction. It’s made by mixing lime, sand, and water, and it is known for its durability, breathability, and flexibility. Despite its many benefits, lime mortar is often more expensive than other types of mortar, like cement mortar. This article will explore … Read more

Using Lime Mortar in Winter: What You Need to Know


When it comes to construction projects, the use of lime mortar is a popular choice for many builders. Lime mortar is a mixture of lime, sand, and water that has been used for centuries in construction. However, one question that often arises is whether lime mortar can be used in the winter. While there is … Read more

Why Does Lime Mortar Fail? The Common Causes and Prevention


It can be extremely frustrating to see new lime mortar failing. Usually, the mortars are cracked, crumbly or have not adhered to the surface properly. When mortar fails, it almost always needs to be replaced. But why does lime mortar fail, and how can it be prevented? Several different factors will cause lime mortar to … Read more

Understanding the Strength of Lime Mortar vs Cement Mortar


Lime and cement both have their place in construction. However, lime is often overlooked as a weak and expensive building material. However, there are many benefits to a weaker mortar. But is lime or cement stronger? Generally, cement has a far higher compressive strength when compared to even the strongest limes. Cement can be over … Read more

Does Lime Mortar Absorb Water?

lime mortars used on a hamstone wall

Lime mortars and most other lime-building materials are extremely good. They not only help to protect the building and masonry of the building, but they can also help manage water within a building. A common question that often arises when lime mortars are used is; Do lime mortars absorb water? Lime mortars have high porosity … Read more

Can Lime Mortar Be Mixed By Hand?


There’s a lot of conflicting information on mixing lime mortars. In today’s building, little thought is given to the method of mixing mortar. Often the ingredients are tossed into a mixer, and that’s it. Whilst you can do this with lime, many people ask whether it’s possible to mix lime mortar by hand manually. Lime … Read more