Can You Get a Smooth Finish With Lime Plaster?

lime plaster being applied with a steel plastering trowel

Lime plasters create a beautiful finish. They are a very versatile building material and there are many ways to finish lime plaster to create different textures. Traditionally, lime plaster was often finished with a coarse or grainy texture. In modern times, we tend to like flat smooth surfaces. So can you get a smooth finish … Read more

Why Should You Consider Using Lime Plaster or Render?

These buildings in turkey have been recently renovated using lime mortar, render, plaster and limewash.

In today’s economy, lime plastering or rendering is often more expensive than simply using cement or gypsum plaster. This is because the material cost itself has risen and because of their nature. Lime building materials require more aftercare than modern alternatives, and the labour cost is also normally higher. So inevitably, this begs the question. … Read more

Should Lime Plaster or Render be Sealed?

A cottage which has been limewashed for protection.

It can be difficult to find good information on what paints can be used with lime plaster. In this article, we will be looking into what characteristics paints need to have to be appropriate for use on lime plasters. Lime plasters and renders, when used correctly, add a beautiful finishing touch to walls and ceilings, … Read more

The Differences Between Lime Plaster, Mortar and Render

An example of a house recently repointed with a warm honey-coloured lime mortar.

The different terms used when describing lime building can be confusing. Some terms are often used interchangeably, but in this article, I’ll describe what exactly the differences are between lime mortar, lime plaster and lime render. So at a quick glance, what do these terms mean? As a general rule, lime mortar is a lime-based … Read more