How Soon Can You Paint Over Lime Plaster?


Lime plasters can create beautiful finishes. Some people like the finish so much that they don’t apply decorative paint! However, most people will want to apply some paint to their new lime plaster. So how soon can you paint over fresh lime plaster? Generally, you should wait until the plaster has fully set. This is … Read more

Lime Vs Cement Plaster: The Differences Explained

Plaster is a material that has been used since ancient times to cover and decorate walls. Plaster comes in many forms, but lime and cement plasters are some of the most common. Although they have similarities, there are distinct differences between them. So what are these main differences? Cement plasters are harder, waterproof and usually … Read more

Can You Wallpaper Lime Plaster Walls?


Lime plaster creates a beautiful finish. However, some old lime plasters have been wallpapered, and you may be looking to replace them. Additionally, wallpaper may be a good option if a lime plaster finish isn’t exactly what you want. So can you wallpaper over lime plaster? Generally, you can wallpaper lime plaster walls, although lime … Read more

Is Lime Plaster And Mortar Sustainable?


Lime-based building materials have been used for thousands of years. From around the 1930s, however, they were replaced by conventional cement and gypsum mortars and plasters. With the climate change issue being forefront of many people’s minds, the following question is often asked. Are lime plasters and mortars sustainable? Lime plasters and mortars are a … Read more

Can Lime Plaster Be Used In Bathrooms?


Lime plaster and other building materials are among the oldest in the world. They have been tried and tested for thousands of years. But it can still be tricky to understand where and when lime plasters should and shouldn’t be used. For instance, can lime plasters be used in bathrooms? Generally speaking, lime plasters are … Read more

Does Lime Plaster Contain Asbestos?

asbestos-fibres closup

When doing modifications or repairs to your home, it’s always a worry that you may come across some asbestos. Some old plasters appear to have fibres in them that may concern some people. So does lime plaster contain asbestos? Lime plaster doesn’t contain asbestos. It is normal for lime plasters to contain fibres such as … Read more

What Are The Best Paints For Lime Plaster?


Lime plaster is a great building material that can help regulate the moisture within a building. Lime plasters prevent damp issues by absorbing and evaporating away any trapped water; the correct paints must be used so this process isn’t stopped. So what are the best paints for lime plaster? The most important factor to consider … Read more

Does Lime Plaster Help To Prevent Damp?


Common questions when working with lime plasters are around their breathable nature. Many lime plasters have been replaced with cement and gypsum in old buildings, leading to damp and trapped water issues. So do lime plasters help to prevent dampness? Lime plaster and render help to draw moisture out of places that it shouldn’t be … Read more

Can You Apply Gypsum Plaster Over Lime Plaster?


It can be difficult to know what building materials can and can’t be used in combination with lime plasters. There’s a lot of conflicting information on the topic of gypsum and lime plaster. People commonly ask whether you can apply gypsum over lime plaster. You should never skim over lime plaster with gypsum plaster. Gypsum … Read more